As a core business Aquazone Ltd builds and renovates both industrial and municipal waste water treatment plants. With the sister company Suomen Ekolannoite Ltd Aquazone also treats municipal and industrial sludge into fertilizer. 
In Finland Aquazone is representing big international MBR -producer Alfa Laval by selling their products for Finnish WWTP build/renovation projects.
Aquazone has also a living lab project for marketing, research and education called Smart Effluent. WWTP scale can be as small as container sized and big as large WWTP. With Smart Effluent we will produce irrigation, industrial process and drinking water. 
For international businesses we seek for co-operating partners such as construction companies and investors.
Key Figures
Turnover: EUR +1M
Growth: 20-50%
Share of exports: Currently 0% but aiming to international markets
Employees: 3 (+ multiple sub-contractors)