AW-Energy’s WaveRoller - proven quality in wave energy

AW-Energy’s WaveRoller

Proven highest quality and technical excellence in wave energy.

Independent advisory DNV GL has validated that WaveRoller® harnesses the energy of oceans.

  • WaveRoller® panel moves back and forth in depths of about 12 meters.
  • The Panel feeds a state-of-the-art Power Take Off system which turns a generator.
  • Electricity enters the onshore grid through a subsea cable.
  • WaveRoller® wave farms can contribute to the electricity generation of energy companies.
  • Wave farms can be built in the scale of +100 MW – comparable to utility scale power plants.
  • Suitable for isolated islands that rely on diesel generators as a source of electricity.

Grid-connected in Portugal since 2012

AW-Energy operates under commercial licence in Peniche and has several ongoing installation projects around the world.

Last untapped energy source

Operated in the nearshore area, WaveRoller® stands out from other wave energy solutions.

WaveRoller® – the world-leading nearshore wave energy technology

WaveRoller® is the cutting-edge technology for generating electricity from ocean waves. Operated in the nearshore area, WaveRoller® stands out from other wave energy solutions.

The nearshore energy resources are comparable to those in offshore area, yet the risk of damage to the device due to heavy storms is considerably smaller. Mooring and cabling are less expensive and transmission losses are lower. The submerged WaveRoller® -device has a minimal visual impact, which makes it attractive for areas with natural values or tourism.

Company details


Energy- and utility-companies, local governments and municipalities, defence forces, mining companies and investors looking to broaden their renewables portfolio.

Key markets 

Any region with coastlines exposed to open ocean.

Key figures

R&D budget: EUR 10 million  
Turnover: EUR 500K
Employees: 20