Better access to investors - Cleantech Finland partners with Nordic Innovation Accelerator

Better access to investors - Cleantech Finland partners with Nordic Innovation Accelerator

Jul 12, 2016
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Cleantech Finland and Nordic Innovation Accelerator Oy (NIA) have started partnering to give Finnish cleantech companies access to an even more extensive network of international investors and potential partners. NIA brings together cleantech companies also from other key Nordic cleantech networks, including Swedish Cleantech’s (SWE) and CLEAN’s (DEN) networks. 

”We are bigger than 1+1+1, since all partners bring along their own national partner networks,” Nina Harjula, CEO of Nordic Innovation Accelerator, says.

The Nordic partners are interested especially in the innovation tool which Nordic Innovation Accelerator has developed for connecting growth companies, start-ups, investors and large corporates. The goal is to boost the commercialisation of smaller companies’ innovations supported by large corporates and at the same time to create contacts with international investors. The open innovation tool can bring important references for the smaller companies and open fast track to markets through large, global customers.

Nina Harjula emphasises that the Nordic collaboration will offer even better bouncing board for companies to grow their businesses. “Nordic cleantech is a valuable brand. We are known for innovative clean technology companies and by joining forces, we are offering stronger innovation ability to the corporate’s needs and a one door service for international investors,” Harjula continues.

“The partnership will also give us stronger cooperation possibilities to help those Cleantech Finland member companies that are interested in other Nordic markets or cleantech companies," says Cleantech Finland’s Director Jussi Vanhanen.

NIA will welcome new corporate customers from all Nordic countries and the partners will also aim at attracting more international corporates like Veolia to use the platform for sourcing innovations. Corporate clients are usually looking for new technologies and solutions to boost their business. This demand offers cleantech companies a cost-efficient way to find reference customers from the Nordics.

More information: Nordic Innovation Accelerator tools and network

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