Business delegation visit opened new opportunities in China

Business delegation visit opened new opportunities in China

Apr 12, 2016
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China is the second largest economy in the world. Due to rapid economic growth, the country has encountered big environmental challenges. China’s new five-year plan includes green and low-carbon developments, which open opportunities to Finnish companies. 

Finnish cleantech companies participated in the business delegation led by minister Kimmo Tiilikainen to Beijing, China on 20-23 March 2016. The cleantech sector program included an investor and district heating seminar, match-making, and visits to district and nationwide associations, Beijing city officials as well as meetings with Chinese cleantech companies.  

As learnings from the trip, Kimmo Siira, Director of Beautiful Beijing program, noted that the limits for nitrogen emissions produced by boilers are tightened in Beijing. Siira was also pleased that the field visit to prime stakeholders in the energy sector was highly successful, and there is strong willingness to develop current Sino-Finnish cooperation in the district heating sector. 

Hot topic in China: district heating  

Some 200 people attented the Finland-China District Heating and Waste to Energy Seminar in Beijing on the second delegation day. At the seminar, Chinese companies, who were invited as keynote speakers, praised Finnish companies as good business partners. From Finnish cleantech companies VTT, Oilon, BMH Technology and Högfors had a chance to present their know-how during the event. A match-making session followed the seminar, with some companies meeting potential partners which led to a second meeting already the following day. 

Minister Tiilikainen was present and witnessed two special occasions. Tiilikainen, together with Mr. Han Aixing, Deputy Director General of Chinese Ministry of Housing and Urban Development (MoHURD), witnessed the launch of Dr. Arto Nuorkivi’s book on district heating. The book is sino-finnish joint effort written and financed by Finnish governmental institutions VTT, Tekes, Finpro and MoHURD. Later, a signing ceremony of cooperation agreement between AAVI Technologies and Shanghai Power Equipment Research Institute (SPERI) was delivered by Eero Siitonen and Dou Yikang respectively and witnessed by minister Tiilikainen and the delegation.  

Visiting major district heating stakeholders 

The company visit to Beijing District Heating Group (BDHG) was a success. The Finnish cleantech delegation consisted of VTT and six other companies who received a warm welcome from the host BDHG and China District Heating Association (CDHA). Both Ms. Liu Rong, Vice General Manager of BDHG, and Mr. Zheng Lijun, Vice President of CDHA, gave a speech during the meeting, with both speaking highly of Sino-Finnish cooperation in the district heating sector. The message from the host was clear: there is a willingness to widen and deepen the current cooperation with Finnish companies such as Vexve and Oilon, while cooperation with new Finnish product and technology providers, such as Kolmeks and Högfors, is also welcomed. 

The China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group (CECEP) visit also proved fruitful for the companies. The CECEP group Vice General Manager Mr. Li Jie hosted the exchange, and all Finnish companies in the group had an opportunity to introduce their solutions. Participating companies in the CECEP group included: China National Environmental Protection Group, CECEP Low Carbon Environmental Protection Co. Ltd, CECEP Building Energy Efficiency Co. Ltd, CECEP Tianjing Investment Group Company, CECEP Industry Energy Conservation Co. Ltd, CECEP Consulting Co. Ltd. The Beautiful Beijing team will follow up all Chinese companies and collect more requirements and project information. 

Opportunities for Finnish biowaste to energy companies 

The visit to Beijing Forest and Parks Department/Beijing Forestry Society (BFS) created a strong basis for future cooperation. The host had invited several local cleantech companies to participate the meeting. There seems to be great opportunities for Finnish biowaste to energy companies in Beijing, and an idea to co-arrange a dedicated seminar on the matter was discussed. The Finnish companies had a chance to present their solutions and hosts asked concrete questions, which gave good basis for quality dialog. 

The hosts were clearly well prepared to receive a delegation from Finland; to the delegate members’ surprise the host himself had visited Finland and had a number of positive memories to share. The hosts expressed a wish that in the future BFS, together with Finpro, could promote more exchanges and communications among the companies in Beijing and in Finland.

Finnish cleantech business delegation:

Air0, Alfons Håkans, BMH Technology, Chempolis, Greenstream Networks, Högfors, Kosek, Nord Automation, Nuorkivi consultation, Oilon, Outotec, Yleiskylmä Findri, RecAlcaline, Saalasti, Sagafurs, Sybimar, Valmet, Vexve, VTT.

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