Business Opportunity: British Columbia wants Finnish wood biomass energy expertise

Business Opportunity: British Columbia wants Finnish wood biomass energy expertise

Jun 9, 2016
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Canadian research organisation FP Innovations proposes wide-ranging collaboration with Finnish companies across the wood biomass energy value chain.

Canada’s westernmost province British Columbia is the largest bioenergy-producing region in North America with capacity of 4,300 GWh per year. It has 55 million hectares of forests, with forest revenue amounting to CAD 15.7 billion in 2013. But despite generating enough forest harvest residues to meet 24% of the province’s energy needs, British Columbia meets only 1% percent of its annual energy demand with this resource.

FP Innovations, the leading funder of forest research in British Columbia, has approached Finpro with the aim of promoting Finnish-Canadian collaboration for wood biomass bioenergy development in the forest-rich province. FP Innovations supports the Canadian forest sector through research funding and the facilitation of public-private relationships. In 2013, FP Innovations funded forest research in British Columbia worth CAD 89.7 million.  

Many opportunities for Finnish-Canadian collaboration

Together with the University of British Columbia’s Forest Science Centre, FP Innovations has proposed initial areas of collaboration between Finnish and Canadian players along British Columbia’s wood biomass bioenergy value chain – such as biomass harvesting, processing and transport technology, and biomass heating and small-scale combined heat & power production (CHP) in public buildings and communities.

According to FP Innovations, specific collaboration opportunities also include improved inventory information, improving existing practices, integration of operations, thinning operations, and FireSmart treatments, forest machine operator training, and improving the efficiency of traditional roundwood harvest systems. FP Innovations’s personnel have experience in the Finnish forest sector, so the organisation has an in-depth understanding of what Finnish companies can offer.

Path to the Canadian market

Finpro is calling on Finnish companies to get involved in exploring this interesting opportunity to enter the Canadian wood biomass energy market.

Finpro, Waste to Energy and Bioenergy Growth program and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland are planning to organise a co-creation event in British Columbia where key players in the Canadian and Finnish woody biomass bioenergy value chains would meet to discuss business and technology issues in British Columbia, along with matching Finnish solutions and capabilities.

For its part, FP Innovation has expressed its strong interest in developing a joint R&D strategy between Canada and Finland, and in investigating funding opportunities for joint R&D collaboration.

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Country Representative, Partner
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