Texas proposes collaboration with Finland to find solutions for water crisis

Texas proposes collaboration with Finland to find solutions for water crisis

Aug 23, 2016
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Texas proposes collaboration with Finland to find solutions for water crisis

Potential Memorandum of Understanding between Texas and Finland could create business opportunities for Finnish companies in the state’s USD 9 billion water technology market.

The State of Texas in the United States is searching for effective water technology solutions to address its water crisis. The water supply in Texas has been affected by droughts in the late 1990s and early 2000s, extensive agricultural, oil and gas production as well as rapid population growth. The demand for water in Texas is expected to increase by 27% from its current level by the year 2060.

According to The Texas Tribune (4 May 2016), "Debate over the issue typically finds landowners on one side, environmentalists on the other. Environmental groups support restrictions on water pumping and water use, because droughts proved the risk of a low water supply, and because of the risk it poses for animal species. Landowners argue that pumping limitations could damage the livelihoods of farmers and ranchers."

Proposal for Finland-Texas cooperation

Finpro has been approached by AccelerateH20, a non-profit organization established as a statewide initiative under the Texas Research & Technology Foundation, regarding the potential for joint Finnish-Texas collaboration on the development of innovative water technologies. A Team Finland USA delegation consisting of Finpro, Tekes and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs met with the Executive Director of AccelerateH20 on 14 June 2016 to explore the next steps in developing a potential Memorandum of Understanding for water technology.

According to AccelerateH20, it serves as a catalyst for Texas’ USD 9 billion water technology market by organizing assets, expertise, knowledge, and resources to more efficiently and effectively respond to the current crisis and position Texas as a competitive global water technology hub. AccelerateH20 serves urban and rural, residential, industrial, agricultural and public water utilities by identifying alternative programs, methodologies and applications that ensure water is reused, conserved and better managed through the world’s best technologies, products, services, and integrated solutions.

Water Technology Investor Forum

Team Finland and Finnish water technology interests were invited to participate in the Texas Water Technology Investor Forum held in Austin on 16-17 June 2016. According to the event organizers, "Investment in new technology is desperately needed if the water industry is to tackle the grand challenges ahead. We are bringing together global experts with Texas investors to identify opportunities and address limitations to bringing world-class innovative water technologies to key stakeholders in Texas."

The potential cooperation with the State of Texas would bring interesting business opportunities to companies in the Finnish Water Forum and the participants in the Water Global Growth Program currently under development.

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