Business Opportunity in Poland: Waste collection solution to Wroclaw

Water technology
Waste management

The city of Wrocław is considering investment in underground/half underground waste collection solution. The system is planned to cover 3 city districts of Wrocław, including Old Town.

Municipal company, Ekosystem, tendered the concept preparing phase. The winner is consortium of ArchitekciPL and Trans-Gaz and the agreement was signed on 5.2.2016. The consortium is to present different solutions and options for the investor within 6 months from signing the agreement. ArchitekciPL is to research and describe in detail for e.g. the size of the required/allowed containers, accessibility by trucks, conditions such as collisions with underground pipes, cables and underground water level before making solution proposal. After feasibility study the investor will make go-no go decision and proceed.

The company responsible for concept preparing phase is open for contacts from Finnish companies offering potential solutions for the project.

Interested in this sales lead? Please contact:

Kari Vähäkangas
Commercial Councellor, Finpro Poland
M: +48 609 696 666

Zofia Stelmaszczyk
Senior Advisor, Finpro Poland
M: +48 601 985202

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Apr 25th - May 31st, 2016

Wroclaw, Poland