Business Opportunity: Municipal Solid Waste Management in Poland

Business Opportunity: Municipal Solid Waste Management in Poland

May 3, 2016
Waste management

Poland to receive 1.3 billion – first allocation of funds to start

Poland has a large demand for cleantech solutions and will receive EUR 1.3 billion during the period 2014–2020 for municipal solid waste management. The investments are mainly funded by EU structural funds. The financing from EU secures funding for hundreds of projects planned for 2015-2022. The first calls for projects and allocation of the funding will start probably in the middle of the year 2016.

Municipal waste management, despite of recent positive development, is yet lagging behind with ¾ of the waste generated still being landfilled. In addition, Poland is the 6th biggest producer of municipal waste in EU and needs to adapt to tightening EU regulations. 

More predictable business environment 

One of the major issues municipalities and companies will have to invest to improve, is waste collection in selective way, followed by recycling. Investment projects are expected also in modernizing sorting the mixed waste as well as some smaller scale incineration. Introducing the in-house rule to Polish law, which is expected in coming months, will create sound basis for municipal companies to plan their investments in municipal waste infrastructure in predictable business environment.

Finland has good name in Poland

Polish decision makers got familiar with some of the Finnish waste management solutions in their earlier field trip to Finland. There are also some Finnish companies, who have gained strong foothold in the sector in Poland. 

Finnish waste management companies, offering well developed concepts, innovative solutions and sustainable approach to waste management will have good opportunities to succeed in Poland. 

Following steps

Ms. Toivakka, Minister for Foreign Trade and Development of Finland will be leading a business delegation visit to Poland (Kraków & Warsaw) on June 13-15th, 2016. Read more about the Poland delegation with Toivakka here and Poland and the focus sectors in the pdf-attachment: Why POLAND

Finpro will organize cleantech and solid waste management business seminars in Kraków & Warsaw. Invitee lists includes Polish municipal utilities, suppliers and contractors. Networking and match-making event will follow the seminar.
Interested in this opportunity? 

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Kari Vähäkangas
Commercial Councellor, Finpro Poland
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Zofia Stelmaszczyk
Senior Advisor, Finpro Poland
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