Cleantech Finland at Rio 2016: Clean technologies essential to sustainable Olympics

Cleantech Finland at Rio 2016: Clean technologies essential to sustainable Olympics

Aug 16, 2016
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Sustainable solutions are becoming increasingly important in modern Olympics-related urban planning and construction. Finland-based cleantech companies have a lot to offer in the globally growing industry.

International large-scale projects such as the Olympic Games underline the significance of clean technologies and sustainable solutions. Often, new infrastructure, including venues and stadiums, are built for the Games. Such extensive infrastructure investments create a need for further solutions ranging from building technology to energy and from water supply to waste collection.

"Hosting the Olympic Games is an overwhelmingly large project," explains Ilkka Homanen, Head of Industry and Cleantech Finland at Finpro. "The core idea is that clean solutions offer a way to plan and arrange the Games in a sustainable and cost-effective manner without hindering the overall profitability of the effort."

"In Brazil and around the world, sustainability has been at heart of the public debate and concern surrounding the Olympics," says Homanen. "The Rio Olympics has had clean technologies high on its agenda. The opening ceremonies showcased sustainability."

For the future Olympics, Homanen recommends innovative solutions for the new infrastructure undertakings as well as for the upgrading of the existing facilities, a subject already recognized by those who aspire to host the world’s largest sports event.

"We welcome the IOC's Olympic Agenda 2020 and our bid aligns closely with those reforms. But we also recognize that we don't have all the answers ourselves and we are eager and excited to learn as much as we can from others during this process. Along these lines, we are excited to study and connect with Finland and its renewable and clean energy technologies, and learn everything we can," says Gene Sykes, CEO of LA 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Bid Committee.

"While California is the leader in renewable technologies in the US, I believe very strongly that in America we can learn from places like Finland which have no choice but to come up with creative ways of having sustainable sources of energy because it does not have its own affordable energy resources."

"Conservation is most important path towards our clean energy future. The second most important clean energy path are all the sources that you have in your own area that you can tap into. Finland is one of the leaders in the world for that. So we are very curious to know how do you do it, what have you learned and how can we learn from your experiences," Sykes states.

In 2016 Rio Olympics, Cleantech Finland has partnered up with the National Olympic Committee of Finland in building up a unique Finland House in the downtown of Rio de Janeiro right next to the Olympic Boulevard. Neoclassical building, Casa França-Brasil, has the privilege of serving as the first ever high-end Finnish hospitality house concept in the history of the Olympic Games.

Finnish Minister for Foreign Affairs Timo Soini Was present for the opening of the Finland House. Finnish cleantech expertise will be showcased at the Finland House throughout the remaining ten days of the Rio Olympics.

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