Be faster, know more

Through innovation and passion Conexbird has created and patented technology to revolutionize cargo industry’s efficiency into a whole new level. Conexbird solutions will reduce shipping broken containers, hasten handling, decrease lift counts of empty containers and therefore vastly mitigate the stress this industry causes to the nature.

Conexbird Oy is 2013 founded technology company developing services to make handling cargo faster, safer, more profitable and of course more environment friendly. Let’s do it together.



Conexbird’s clients can be anyone from maritime industry, i.e port, container depot, insurance company or container owner.

Key markets

There are no boundaries in Conexbird’s solutions. Sea containers travel all around the world and so will Conexbird. The greater the container flow the more everyone benefits.

Key figures

Market size: EUR 180 million shipments every year, EUR 10 billion in insurance tickets.
Employees: Core team ~10 persons.