Conexbird brings artificial intelligence to loading docks in Finland

Conexbird brings artificial intelligence to loading docks in Finland

Oct 13, 2015
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Together with Multi-Link Terminals Ltd. Oy Conexbird is building the first port in the world that uses intelligent container cranes to optimize container flow. Conexbird OnFly systems will be installed into the container crane of MLT Kotka port in Kotka, Finland. 

Conexbird OnFly will provide accurate real time data and information about the condition of the containers. The data is immediately synced into the Conexbird Cloud to make it instantly accessible all over the world. 

The patented system will automatically alert required parties if needed and with web-based user interface the condition information can be simultaneously accessed by every container handler at the port and can be send in seconds to any other relevant party.

This will enable operations such as recalling badly damaged containers instantly, dropping the lift count of a single container, and generating extremely important data for all parties in the business. These include insurance companies, depots, cargo owners, container owners, and more. 

As partner of Conexbird Wind, MLT Kotka is now part of the future of internet of things, artificial intelligence and big data a reality, already today. Wind can be easily fitted into any port operator’s or container depot’s workflow to fasten container flow and to give advantage over others. 

Conexbird Wind can be integrated into any container hub, port or depot. Higher efficiency in ports and container depots will, for instance, lower lift counts, radically decrease the distance driven with container stackers and equivalent container handling devices, lower the amount of unnecessary shipments of badly damaged containers and more.

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Source: Conexbird

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