Cross Wrap supplies waste bale wrappers to waste-to-energy facility in Morristown, USA

Cross Wrap supplies waste bale wrappers to waste-to-energy facility in Morristown, USA

Reducing the amount of landfill waste during summer while increasing efficiency during colder seasons

Cross Wrap equipment provides a greater operational flexibility for Covanta waste-to-energy plant

Municipal solid waste (MSW) volumes tend to be significantly higher during the summer months compared with winter months. For Covanta, this often means that excess municipal solid waste may have to be diverted to landfill operations during warm months while there may not be enough MSW to maintain full operation and electrical output during colder months.
With Cross Wrap waste bale wrapper added to the facility, excess municipal solid waste can now be baled, wrapped and stored in summer and then opened and used for energy production in winter.

Wrapped MSW bales do not attract vectors and can be stacked and stored outdoors

Cross Wrap bales allow Covanta to efficiently use flat bed or van truck trailers without concern for equipment contamination or the need to tarp the load to prevent waste litter.

Company Logo

Cross Wrap

Cross Wrap Ltd is a family owned business that builds and installs stretch film bale wrappers to pack various waste materials and recyclables for transport and storage. Cross Wrap product range also includes bale openers and dewiring machines that open up the bales when materials need to be utilized. In addition to waste and recyclables, Cross Wrap operates in packaging wood based boards. The original cross wrapping method is patented globally and other patents for new innovations have followed.

Waste Management, Wood Industry

Key figures
Turnover: EUR 10M (2016)
Growth: 40%
Share of exports (% of turnover): 90 %
Employees: 20