Ductor finds keys to success in German biogas market

Ductor finds keys to success in German biogas market

May 16, 2016
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Ductor has signed its third Ductor® Add-On sales contract with BGA Leemhuis GmbH & Co. KG in the northwest of Germany. With Ductor’s technology the customer is able to harness the power of underutilised and high-nitrogen biomasses such as chicken manure.

Ductor® Add-On solution prevents ammonium inhibition in biogas digestion. The process takes place prior to biogas digestion. With Ductor’s technology, biogas producers can replace expensive maize silage with inexpensive chicken manure as biogas feedstock. Up to 80% raw material cost savings can be achieved.

The patented fermentation technology is independent from biogas production and is, therefore, easy to install. The technology is well suited for plants over 500 kWel, using approximately 10 000 tons of animal manure annually. However, the technology is scalable and tailor-made to suit a wide array of biogas production plant types.

Ductor’s patented technology has a global market, but Ductor currently focuses on the German market as the improvement in profits is supported by the country's current legislation.

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