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Eco Scandic

Eco Scandic Oy concentrates mainly on reclaiming refrigerants, also known as HFC-gases, used in refrigeration equipment and heat pumps. During the period of use refrigerant becomes contaminated with different impurities, such as compressor oil, particulate matter, non-condensable gases and moisture.

With our equipment and new technology we are able to change that practice and make the process of refrigerant reclaiming congruent with newest directives. We offer a considerably cheaper and environmentally friendly solution by reclaiming refrigerants, so that after the purification process refrigerant gases meet the specifications for newly manufactured ones.



Energy companies and waste management companies, building services engineering providers, grocery stores, food industry and chemistry industry.

Key markets

Finland and Nordic countries.

Key figures

Turnover: EUR 500-600K (goal for 2016)
Growth:  +40-50% (goal for 2016)
Employees: 4