Ekolet Oy has been a pioneer in designing and manufacturing composting dry toilets since 1991. Our products range from indoor to outdoor toilets and from holiday home use to year-round use models.

Ekolet toilets don’t need any sewerage or water network. Outdoor models don’t need any electricity and indoor models only slightly. The biggest differences between other composting dry toilets is that Ekolet toilets are extremely simple to use and service. User don’t need to use any additives after usage, water can be used in addition to toilet paper and separate liquid emptying service is not needed. The patented Ekolet toilets are totally odorless and end result from the four compartment models is 100% fully composted fertilizing soil that is not possible with one compartment models. The very cost efficient Ekolet Happy-Loo toilet needs after composting but because of the effective liquid separation system and big volume the emptying interval is long. The Ekolet Happy-Loo toilet is also available in squat model.


Rural development industry and organizations, NGO organizations and governmental sanitation improvement programs. Hardware stores providing sanitation solutions.

Key markets
Nordic countries, Africa, China

Key figures
Turnover: EUR 0,2M
Growth: Average growth annually 10%
Share of exports (% of turnover): 10%
Employees: 2 employees in design and management, manufacturing is done by selected sub-contractors.