Energy Savvy solutions from the Arctic North - Nordic trends in smart building

Energy Savvy solutions from the Arctic North - Nordic trends in smart building

Sep 25, 2017
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Nordic property construction is nowadays all about efficiency, sustainability and human-centrism. With harnessing the power of big data when it comes to building management, we come one step closer to saving energy. Nuuka Solutions, a Finnish top-class building information management company and a member in Finpro’s Energy Growth Program, organized a Smart Breakfast seminar in Stockholm on the 24th of August. The seminar gathered smart buildings experts both from Sweden and Finland to learn about the current issues and trends in the sector. 

Solar energy and data tuns buildings smarter and customers happier

The first speaker, Hans Vikén from Eneo Solutions, presented an independent solar-power system that can provide energy for buildings of different sizes. As almost 80 % Swedes want the government to invest more in solar power, solutions like Eneo’s are becoming more of a commonplace than a decade ago. By clarifying both the perks and the risks related to the system that’s inside the meter, Vikén gave new insights to the listeners on the future of solar power usage. As working both with small-scale buildings up to covering partly municipalities’ energy production, Viken proved how well solar power can work in Scandinavia. In Sweden, the abolishment of solar power tax will also attract more companies to the field. 

In the next presentations, both Mikko Valtonen (Nuuka Solutions) and Mikael Floberg (ICA Fastigheter AB) spoke for the smart way to monitor facilities by utilizing data gathered from installed sensors. As still in many properties today, there’s a lack of traceability, automation and innovation what comes to property data and its usage. By improving those, states Valtonen, the property owner could easily turn the building smarter and make the customer happier. 

To increase the property value, improve air-quality and energy efficiency as well as lower the maintenance costs, facility managers should utilize the tools digitalization has given them. For example, the Nuuka building process analytics platform combines extensive industry expertise with state-of-the-art building analytics software in order to benefit both the property owner and the customer.

Building sustainability and user-friendliness at people’s fingertips

The keynote speaker for this Smart Breakfast was Erik Ubels from OVG, who presented the idea behind The Edge. This Deloitte HQ building in Amsterdam has been chosen as the smartest building in the world, and Ubels was responsible for the IT design for it while working at Deloitte. While the Edge is one of the most sustainable buildings in the world as there are various ways to save energy and water within it, the real smartness of the building is created from big data analysis. 

As the average age of different companies has dropped dramatically and people working at offices are urged to master their own time both at workplace and when doing remote work, there is no point to build office facilities suitable for old-fashioned work culture. Instead, Ubels urged the property developers to install altogether 28 000 sensors to the Edge in order to gather data from everything ranging from preferred air temperature to the frequency of elevators between different floors. After analyzing all the data, a software company was able to develop a smartphone application for the office workers that lets them control and monitor their personal workspace, order food from cafeteria and spot free work desks around the building. 

Scandinavia has been the forerunner in the high performance building sector by combining both user happiness with sustainability. Now it is the time for the Nordic companies to expand their operations to different parts of the world where especially energy-saving solutions as in demand. Nuuka has already hit the American markets where sustainable and user-friendly building design is still in baby steps. 

In Finpro's Energy Growth Program, member companies are encouraged to both organize and participate in events such as Smart Breakfast in order to widen their networks and find potential new customers.

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