Enevo selected "Cool Vendor" in Sustainability for 2016 by leading analyst firm

Enevo selected "Cool Vendor" in Sustainability for 2016 by leading analyst firm

Jul 8, 2016
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Waste management

Enevo, a leader in smart waste management, has been named a "Cool Vendor" based on the May 13, 2016 report titled, "Cool Vendors in Sustainability, 2016" by Bettina Tratz-Ryan and Angela McIntyre at Gartner, Inc. 

The report evaluates interesting, new and innovative vendors, products and services in the Sustainability marketplace. Gartner’s report points out, "understanding the content of the waste bins also allows for better recycling rates, which reduces the waste over time and creates a circular economy." The report provides key findings and recommendations for prospective customers for sustainable technology solutions including the following:

  • Data analytics are key to connecting green solutions and systems to the business context in enterprises, smart cities and corridors.
  • Create digital data pools and workbenches to include the data, as well as its analytics, from various consumer and industrial sensors, and make them accessible to all stakeholders through data portals and web applications.

"Our technology is already transforming how cities, waste operators, waste brokers and producers unlock efficiency in waste management. By bringing intelligent sensors, dynamic predictive analysis and smart planning to waste collection we are enabling a new value chain that creates the opportunity for significant savings for customers," says Charbel Aoun, Chief Sales & Strategy Officer of Enevo. 

"Our analytics platform learns and analyses waste levels to additionally help cities and customers determine the optimal bin network across any geographic area."

The information provided in the report is of value to all sustainability and waste management professionals who are seeking new ways to transform service and efficiency levels.

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