Enevo to deliver wide-ranging smart waste management in Australia

Enevo to deliver wide-ranging smart waste management in Australia

Sep 23, 2016
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Finnish smart waste management leader Enevo has partnered with Brisbane-based Smarter Technology Solutions (STS) to help Australian councils and cities benefit from the efficiency gains that Enevo’s IoT waste solution and services deliver to waste management. Enevo’s project with STS is moving to wider implementation after a successful initial deployment.

As part of a wide ranging Smart City Framework, 13 municipal service areas including waste management were targeted as focus areas for cutting edge Smart City technology solutions designed to increase efficiency and quality of life. Australia has shown increased commitment and focus on harnessing the benefits of technologies to improve cities with the recent launch of the National Smart Cities Plan in April 2016.

"Our customers are delighted with Enevo. They now have insight into their waste systems that they’ve never had. Once logged into the Enevo dashboard, they can see waste trends, identify where the waste provider may have missed a collection and take action on bins approaching overflow before it happens. This contributes to a reduced environmental impact and ultimately the efficiency of waste services provisioning," Danielle Story, Chief Innovation Officer, STS says.

The Enevo waste management solution brings together waste container monitoring, data analytics and fill-level forecasting. Enevo wireless sensors monitor the fill level of the waste containers, transmitting the information to the company’s cloud servers. This data is combined with historical information to build trends.

"STS is passionate about the benefits Enevo’s solutions provide and they have been active with the Brisbane Internet of Things (IoT) community. The Sunshine Coast Council is a great example of where STS local engagement and support has helped a project grow from pilot to wider deployment as the Enevo solution starts to clearly demonstrate the efficiency gains that are possible. Other councils in Queensland and NSW are now at various stages of investigating how Enevo’s smart technology and predictive analytic platform can deliver demonstrable waste management savings," says Greg Howard, Australia and NZ Manager, Enevo.

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