Eniram releases solution for optimal routing

Eniram releases solution for optimal routing

Oct 15, 2015
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Eniram Ltd, the leading provider of energy management technology and analytic services to the shipping industry, announced the release of Eniram Fleet Route KPIs, a new solution designed to provide additional energy efficiency optimization.

Eniram Fleet Route KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) is delivered via Eniram Fleet, a proprietary web-based application that enables ship owners and operators, to gather, store and analyze data such as fuel consumption per engine, engine power, speed-power and LNG tank data across an entire fleet.

The system enables Fleet Managers to identify savings in key areas by flagging performance deviations and monitoring specific performance parameters. A breakdown of propulsion power data can be used to pinpoint areas of energy loss due to affects such as changing weather conditions, including wind and sea state. The Route KPIs are based on ranking from 1-10 (lower ranking is better). Ranking indicates the position in the industry. For example “cost ranking 2″ means the leg was sailed within 20% of the best in the industry. A cost efficient routing is a balance of the components and they include, for example, current, mean wind, distance over ground, ECA-areas, distance inside MARPOL areas and squat.

Eniram Fleet Route KPIs offers deeper insight for each vessel. The key elements of the Route service include illustrations of individual vessel routing performance against other industry vessels and simulation of all the recorded tracks against sailed dates and conditions. After the leg has been sailed, Eniram Fleet runs the simulation and KPIs for the route are given.

Commenting on this new solution, Henrik Dahl, CEO, Eniram, said, “Eniram Route KPIs offer savings by revealing the weakest areas in routing so the customer knows the areas to concentrate on. With our enhanced route advice capabilities, we can further support crew decision making based on a unique simulation and KPI approach.”

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