Finland Pavilion is a success for companies at Building Green

Finland Pavilion is a success for companies at Building Green

Nov 21, 2016
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Companies got valuable business leads and enhanced the synergies with other participants of Finland Pavilion at Building Green 2016.

Scoring business leads, making relevant contacts and getting good visibility are factors that measure the success of business event participation. A factor, however, that may provide the missing piece to the successful event puzzle is one that gets often perhaps overlooked: good teamwork. The Finland Pavilion Building Green team showed great teamwork in spades.

"In addition to some relevant business leads, we had a good team of Finnish companies and a professional group of Finproners in Copenhagen. This left an excellent flavor of the event," says Artur Glad, Air D.

Cleantech Finland and Innovative Bioproducts Finland growth program took six top Finnish high-performance buildings companies (Air D, Ensavetec, Exel Composites, Lumir, OptiWatti, Wall+) to showcase Finland’s world-class solutions at Building Green 2016 fair in Copenhagen on 2-3 November 2016. Finnish expertise was showcased at the Team Finland stand under the theme “Green, cool and intelligent living”. In addition, a Cleantech Thursday networking happening was organized, gathering an excellent crowd to close the event.

To make the event a success for the companies, a clear Finland Pavilion visual identity was created, a press release was delivered to the B2B media and a social media campaign was planned. The whole team got together before the event to discuss companies’ targets, hear what kinds of contacts they were looking for and simply to get to know each other better. 

Finnish synergies – the key to future business success?

The dedicated preparation paid off in many ways. At Building Green the companies got business-relevant contacts to potential Danish and European partners and clients, and the Team Finland service provided by Finpro was valuable in finding potential stakeholders, attracting them to the stand and getting them to one-on-one talks with the companies.

"Finpro’s staff worked proactively for the benefit of the companies and the service concept was clear and concrete: for companies, it wouldn’t be possible to participate as cost-effectively to this kind of events by themselves and without Finpro’s support, it certainly would be very difficult to bind contacts before the event and pre-arrange talks with relevant stakeholders," says Juha Marjeta, OptiWatti.

Due to the business nature of the cleantech industry, even good leads, however, do not provide free passes to actual business but take time and a lot of effort to turn into actual deals. While the leads gained at Building Green may provide the external sparks that ignite the business in the future, the successful team work at the event gave an internal impetus that may prove to be equally valuable.  

"In addition to some excellent leads, we now have some promising cooperation with some of the other participating Finnish companies. I think this concept facilitates the new kind of operation models based on company networks, which could be a key to future success," Mikko Lassila, Exel Composites, says.

With one voice the companies praised the attitude and work of the whole Finnish team at Building Green and clearly perceived the added value of presenting a comprehensive joint Finland offering to the target market stakeholders.

"Through one extremely relevant lead, we were able to get the best possible result out of the event," continues Marjeta.

"There are  a lot  of startups  in Finland who would like to to operate globally. With Finpro's help and network we are able to meet potential customers worldwide. Building Green was a good example how Finnish companies and Finpro work together," Mikko Juusola, founder and CEO of Wall+, concludes.

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