Finland ranked in world energy sustainability top 10 by World Energy Council

Finland ranked in world energy sustainability top 10 by World Energy Council

Oct 12, 2016
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Finland is ranked in the top 10 of the World Energy Council’s world energy sustainability ranking The Energy Trilemma Index. Finland makes 8th position, with Denmark, Switzerland and Sweden making the top 3.

World Energy Council uses three key categories in its definition of energy sustainability: environmental sustainability, energy equity and security. The Energy Trilemma Index ranks the energy performance of 125 countries, with 13 countries achieving triple-A score, while providing a benchmark progress framework.

Among the index’s findings is that electricity access has increased by 5% to 85% since 2000 while cleaner energy forms are being used to support both energy access and economic growth. In 2015 renewable energy made up 9.7% of total primary energy consumption.

While Europe dominates the top 10, among countries outside Europe Uruguay takes top spot in Latin America, Israel ranks highest in the Middle East, New Zealand leads in Asia, and Mauritius is top in Sub-Saharan Africa.

In spring 2016 Finland was ranked the greenest country in the world in Environmental Performance Index 2016 by Yale and Columbia universities along with the World Economic Forum.

Top 10 countries

1. Denmark
2. Switzerland 
3. Sweden
4. Netherlands 
5. Germany
6. France
7. Norway
8. Finland
9. New Zealand 
10. Austria

Source: World Energy Council

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