Finland’s largest solar energy plant is near completion

Finland’s largest solar energy plant is near completion

Mar 24, 2016
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Solar panels are currently being installed at Finland’s largest solar energy plant located in Helsinki. The plant is constructed by the Energy company Helen on the roof of the Kivikko ski hall.

The Kivikko solar plant will have almost 3,000 solar panels and an output of 850 kWp. The plant's annual production will be roughly 700 megawatt-hours, which equals the annual electricity consumption of about 350 one-bedroom apartments. 

The solar panels at Kivikko will be sold as designated panels. The output of one panel is 285 watts, generating the same amount of electricity as 25 energy-saving light bulbs.

"The designated panels of our first solar power plant in Suvilahti were sold out in just a few days. We have promised to build more solar plants for as long as there is demand for them. Therefore, the Kivikko plant will be the largest solar power plant in Finland so far, and our customers have already reserved over 1,300 designated panels. If the rest of the panels are sold, too, we will launch yet another solar power plant project. That way, our customers have a concrete impact on how electricity is generated in our country," says Project Manager Atte Kallio of Helen.

The solar energy plant will be ready for service this spring. As soon as the plant starts producing electricity, customers who own a panel will be refunded on their electricity bill with respect to the electricity generated by their panels. Additionally, the panel monthly fee will not be charged from customers until the first full calendar month.

When the Kivikko plant is in service, Helen’s solar production will exceed one megawatt, corresponding to roughly 13% of the solar energy production connected to the Finnish grid.

Image: Vacon

Source: Helen (Marina Galkin-Aalto)

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