Finnish cleantech stronghold industries and top markets - Cleantech Finland Member Survey 2016

Finnish cleantech stronghold industries and top markets - Cleantech Finland Member Survey 2016

May 6, 2016
Energy & resource efficiency

Are you interested in what are the key cleantech sectors in Finland? Want to know what are the most important markets for companies and which markets may be the most relevant by 2020? Cleantech Finland certainly is fascinated, which is why Cleantech Finland Member Survey 2016 was conducted in March.

The main objective of the renewed Cleantech Finland is to grow the international business of Finnish cleantech companies. To be able to fulfil this goal, it is imperative to know the member companies in the network thoroughly, get feedback on the provided services and know what services the members want now and in the future.  

Currently Cleantech Finland has roughly 200 members, but the network is open for all Finnish cleantech companies with international business interests.

Key findings and possible conclusions from Cleantech Finland Member Survey 2016

The member survey questionnaire was sent to all Cleantech Finland member companies in March 2016. 58 companies answered the survey, which at the time represented roughly 35% of the member base. The majority of the respondents are small companies (78%) and 50% relatively new members (less than a year as members).

Top 5 Finnish cleantech sectors – Energy & resource efficiency is key cleantech strength

1. Energy & resource efficiency 
2. Waste-to-value 
3. Renewable energy & smart grid 
4. Clean water 
5. Air quality

Top 10 most important markets (in brackets = expected to be by 2020)

1. Finland (2)
2. Nordics (1)
3. Germany and German Speaking Europe (3)
4. China (4-5)5. Russia, Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Georgia) and CIS countries (e.g. Kazakhstan) (4-5)
6. Northern America (U.S. and Canada) (6)
7. Baltics (8)8. Middle East and Iran (11-12)
9. Eastern Central Europe (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary), Balkan and Turkey (7)
10. France (11-12)

Top 5 markets relatively growing in importance by 2020 – developed markets will grow in importance most

1. UK and Ireland (expected to be the 10th most important market overall by 2020) 
2. Southern Europe (Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece)
3. Eastern Central Europe 
4. Eastern Asia (Japan, Korea, Taiwan)
5. North America

Net promoter score positive – achieved benefits low

Cleantech Finland’s net promoter score (NPS) is clearly positive as 38% of the respondents are active promoters of the network. NPS has also been significantly improved since the 2014 member survey, in which NPS was as low as 19%. However, achieved benefits have still remained low. 

One possible reason for the low achievement score may be that the abolishment of the membership fee has decreased expectations. It is also possible that the new members, that made the majority of the respondents, expect benefits that they have not yet received.

Big gab between expectations and realised benefits – digital marketing fulfilling expectations but more business benefits are wanted 

Digital visibility and communications benefits as well as more “direct” business benefits are the primary expectations that the member companies have for Cleantech Finland membership. Business benefits include, for example, contacts to potential foreign clients, participation in trade fairs and other events, and business leads.
While Cleantech Finland has fulfilled the members’ expectations for digital media visibility, there is a big gap between the expectations and realisation of the more direct business benefits.

More focus on business generation

How is Cleantech Finland going to address this problem of low business benefits score then? By putting more focus on concrete business actions. Cleantech Finland has started bringing companies together in sector-specific business action groups where concrete actions are planned on the basis of Business Opportunities that are verified by Finpro.

Renewables & smart grid and Clean water business action groups have already been set up (more forthcoming in 2016) while Cleantech Finland has also partnered up with the National Olympic Committee of Finland to build a unique business platform in connection to the Summer Olympic Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

All in all, Cleantech Finland is seen as having a high, growing national importance, with a clear majority of the survey respondents also saying that the networks’ importance will grow in the next five years.

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Please find Cleantech Finland Member Survey 2016 in full here.

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