Finnwind Oy is founded in 1993 specializing on small wind. Currently  PV-solutions play a large role in the company. We manufacture and  deliver small wind turbines, hybrid systems and grid connected or off-grid Photovoltaics solutions.

Plug and play systems are ready-to-install solutions for an easy access to electricity. Systems are customized, designed and delivered according to the local requirements. We have delivered and installed PV-systems up to 725 kWp and even larger are possible. Further information on separate products on the website 



Cities, municipalities, Energy companies, energy network/suppliers, enterprises, real estate owners, private households/house owners

Key markets

Finland, Scandinavia, searching for new markets

Key figures

Turnover: EUR 0,8 M (2015), EUR 1,6 M (2016)

Growth: 100 %

Share of exports (% of turnover):0,5 %

Employees: 8