Funding application process for bio, cleantech and digital sector pilots and demos gets under way

Cleanweb & IoT
Bioproducts & materials

The funding application process has begun for pilot and demonstration projects under a Government Programme key project focusing on projects involving the introduction and trials of new technology and operating models. 

Application period: Monday 14 March 2016–Friday 13 May 2016 

Funding is available for bio, cleantech and digital business as follows:

  • Stage 1 Grants for the development of piloting and demonstration capabilities and for feasibility studies
  • Stage 2 Various funding opportunities for the implementation of pilot and demonstration projects and new business

Funding can be applied either for Stage 1 or Stage 2. The campaign period for Stage 1 is 14 March–13 May 2016. For Stage 2, no application period has been set; applications can also be submitted outside the above-mentioned campaign period.

All projects will be processed confidentially in cooperation with Tekes, Finnvera and Finpro. By submitting an application, the applicant approves the exchange of information and the processing of the application in cooperation with Tekes, Finnvera and Finpro.

Apr 30th, 2016

14 March–13 May 2016