Ledistys is a Finnish cleantech company specialized in manufacturing cost-efficient and long-term LED-lighting solutions for various industries. Our own manufacturing process started in 2015 and today we have 100% focus on manufacturing and developing our own luminaires. Due to domestic production, we are able to design and optimize perfect lighting solutions for each individual customer. We already have hundreds of satisfied customers all over Finland and also in Sweden, Estonia and Mexico.



Agriculture, Construction, Logistics, Engineering companies, Electrical contractors, Retailers/Distributors, real-estates. Basically any industry that requires indoor lighting in spaces with the heights between 2 and 20 meters.

Main markets 

Finland/Domestic, Sweden, Estonia, in the future Central Europe.

Key figures

Turnover : 06/2016: 800 000€  
Growth:  38% from previous year (2015/2016)
Share of exports : Less than 5% of turnover
Employees: 14 (12/2016)