MariMatic Oy®

We specialize in Automated Solid Waste Collection Systems (AWCS) and vacuum conveying systems for underground waste collection. Our environmentally friendly solutions help customers to collect and sort waste effectively.

The company manufactures two types of automatic waste collection systems: The Taifun®  solution was launched in the 1980s for use in industrial applications and bio waste, and the MetroTaifun® solution has specifically designed for subterranean conveyance of solid municipal waste, both commercial waste and household waste. The number of pneumatic waste collection systems supplied has already topped 3000 and have been installed in more than 40 countries.



Our high-tech waste collecting solutions are scalable for various customer needs: large residential areas, housing estates, hospitals and nursing homes, airports and terminals as well as food production lines, professional kitchens and marine.

Key markets

Nordics, the Netherlands, France, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, China and South Korea.

Production facilities in Finland and Estonia. Demo facility with the world’s largest R&D and demonstration Automatic Solid Waste Collection System in Finland.