Massive groundwater cleaning operation at Finland's longest pier

Hankoniemi Peninsula remediation went on for two years

Massive groundwater cleaning operation at ‘the longest pier in Finland’

Saving money while saving the environment

​An old sludge landfill polluting groundwater was found in the Hankoniemi Peninsula, calling for efficient soil remediation know-how to save the narrow peninsula surrounded by sea. 

Unknown harmful substances and the fine sands of the peninsula added further complications, making the peninsula an extremely challenging site. Ekokem wanted to accept the challenge. 

A total of 7,000 tonnes of contaminated soil was transported out of the area. Protective pumping went on for two years. 

Ekokem's actions enabled big cost savings, as the water that used to be directed to the city’s waste water treatment plant is now clean enough to meet environmental standards and can be piped straight to storm sewer.

"We can safely say that the goals were achieved," says Petri Heino, Builder Engineer at the Pirkanmaa Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment

"Environmental regulations are likely to be further tightened in the future, which means that it is economically sensible to kick things into shape now." - Jukka Takala, Technical Director for the City of Hanko

Promoting circular economy

In the spring of 2015, Ekokem began building a unique set of refineries, the Circular Economy Village, for separating raw materials from municipal waste for recycling and reuse

Ekokem is a Nordic circular economy company providing comprehensive environmental management services. Our goals are saving natural resources and promoting the circular economy. We improve our customers’ material and energy efficiency by providing recycling, recovery and final disposal solutions as well as soil remediation and environmental construction services. The Ekokem Group employs almost 700 competent professionals in Finland, Sweden and Denmark. The Ekokem Group’s net sales for 2015 were EUR 258,3 million.


Key figures 

Turnover: EUR 258,3 million
Growth: 29% (from 2014)
Employees: 677