Merus Power guarantees power quality for Brazil’s second largest windfarm

Merus Power guarantees power quality for Brazil’s second largest windfarm

Nov 22, 2016
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Merus Power Oy delivers power quality systems to 207 MW Mangueira windfarm in Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil. The second largest windfarm in Brazil consists of 69 three megawatt turbines. With Merus Power active filters the owner Atlantica guarantees that the wind farm will fulfill the grid code compliance and power quality requirements of authorities at the connection point of the wind farm to the transmission and distribution grid.

Merus Power will deliver active filtering systems to three 12kV windfarm substations to filter out harmful harmonic disturbances generated by turbines before feeding the electricity into the Transmission and Distribution network. The customer of Merus Power, WEG, is system integrator that is a large stock listed Brazilian company.  

This Brazilian contract not only opens a new market area for Merus Power's award-winning power quality solutions, but also so far the biggest renewable energy sector contract. The company finds substantial growth potential in solutions that improve power quality when renewable energy such as wind or solar is connected to the power grid. Significant growth opportunities are also seen in power quality and energy storage technologies that improve grid resilience and enable more renewable energy to be connected.

Merus Power was selected as a supplier from international competition, because the company was able to provide a solution using its standard products. Pre-engineered solution combined quality, competitive price and fast delivery that convinced the customer to select Merus Power. Systems will be taken into operation in three phases at the end of the year 2016 and January 2017.

Image: Merus Power

Source: Merus Power

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