Merus Power improves reliability and energy efficiency of data center in UAE

Merus Power improves reliability and energy efficiency of data center in UAE

Feb 8, 2016
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Merus Power has delivered its A-series active harmonic filters to a data center project in United Arab Emirates. These active harmonic filters are installed to achieve reliable and energy-efficient operations of critical data center processes in a newly-built government building.

"Data centers, hospitals and airports are demanding applications from availability and reliability point of view. Merus active harmonic filters have been designed and tested to keep these requirements in mind," says Kari Tuomala, Managing Director of Merus Power.

Merus active filters are used to clean the electrical network from different types of power quality problems. Merus active harmonic filters are built on modern power electronics technology with a swift real-time response. Better power quality achieved with Merus Power solution will help the data center operator to save energy, reduce unexpected breakdowns and extend the life-time of expensive electrical components. 

Merus A-series active harmonic filters are designed for low voltage applications. Standard active harmonic filter operations can easily be tailored through a touch screen Human-Machine-Interface (HMI) to flexibly address variable power quality challenges such as harmonic distortions, voltage variations, dynamic reactive power compensation and load unbalancing. 

Image: Merus Power

Source: Merus Power

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