Metso’s new energy-efficient in-the-pit mining solution brings 35% cost savings

Metso’s new energy-efficient in-the-pit mining solution brings 35% cost savings

Sep 27, 2016
Energy & resource efficiency

Today, mines are continuously being challenged to rethink how to shape their operations to be more sustainable and profitable. Metso's comprehensive in-the-pit solutions (ITPS) trim the operations by optimizing the entire process - from design to selection of machinery and to production. This results in a savings of water and energy, and a cost reduction of up to 35%.

"The mining industry is continuously exploring not only new ways to mine at lower cost, but also new sustainable methods, technologies, and systems. Transportation of ore and waste is one of those areas: it can account for up to 50-60% of the operating cost of mining. If truck haulage can be minimized, significant savings can be achieved," says Erik Isokangas, Director, Metso In-the-pit Solutions.

"Metso's in-the-pit solutions are an advanced option for conventional production processes where truck haulage is used. With these solutions it is possible to reduce overall costs by 15% to 35%. The savings mainly come from improved energy efficiency resulting from well-planned conveying, and reduced maintenance and labor costs," Isokangas adds.

From concept to execution with industry-leading solutions
Metso's sophisticated in-the-pit solutions offering includes concept and feasibility studies, design and engineering, equipment and systems, procurement and commissioning as well as maintenance and operation. The ITPS can also be connected to Metso's tailored Life Cycle Services (LCS) contracts.

Metso can supply both fully mobile and semi-mobile in-the-pit crushing systems as well as conveying and material handling solutions to cater for different types of demand.

In the spring, Metso was selected the top mining brand in Brazil.

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