Gym center improves air quality and business with NaturVention’s green walls

Gym center improves air quality and business with NaturVention’s green walls

Natural indoor air with Naava active green walls

NaturVention’s active Naava walls reduce poor air quality-related work hindrances by 21% and symptoms by 17% (data analysed by external analysis office Statisti Ltd). The air you breathe affects your performance and health.

The influx of large numbers of people during daily rush peaks increase the demands on good ventilation and indoor air at offices and indoor areas in general. At a Finnish Kuntoportti gym center air quality posed a particularly difficult problem not simply due to influx of people but because of the differing requirements of gym areas. 

The solution was to strategically install three NaturVention’s Naava green walls in the Kuntoportti center: at the gym, warm-up area and the dressing room.

The Naavas have been in use since 2013, and the fitness center management are delighted to say that their high expectations for the smart Naava walls have been met.

"According to the feedback, the quality of the indoor air has improved significantly and the visual lushness of the Naavas is constantly commented on and praised," says Rosa Pakarinen, the director of Kuntoportti.

The greatest irony of our time is that we are surrounded by pure and natural air, but we lock it out. Poor indoor air quality is a threat that affects us all – we spend most of our time inside four walls. Breathing sterilized manmade air – a thousand times an hour – is the biggest environmental health risk of our generation. We, at Naava, believe that clean air is a human right. We want to redefine the future. We want everyone to have the privilege for pure air – the possibility to truly breathe.



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Finland, Russia, London, expanding to Europe and Asia soon. 

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Turnover: EUR 1 200 000
Growth: 300% 
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