NaturVention launched world’s smartest green wall Naava Smart

NaturVention launched world’s smartest green wall Naava Smart

Nov 9, 2015

After years of great efforts and thorough research and development work NaturVention launched its new product Naava® Smart, the world’s smartest green wall. Naava Smart combines nature, patented technology, Finnish handcraft and Scandinavian design.

Smart optimizes indoor air quality and humidity by measuring 14 variables from the surroundings. It adjusts the working environment to be the as healthy as possible. NaturboOS artificial intelligence controls automatically the Smart’s functions such as irrigation, air circulation and lights. The green wall is connected to a cloud serviced remote control system that provides information about current weather conditions. This way Smart can even forecast how outdoors will affect indoor climate.

Naava Smart has been designed with ease of use and the pure lines of Scandinavian design in mind. The demanding design was done by Finnish Buorre Creations.

"Our goal was to create a timeless product with clear lines, and at the same time use brand new and interesting design. The project involved many technical special requirements as the product needs to be airtight and waterproof, to name a few details. We are pleased how boldly the NaturVention team responded to our unconventional solutions," says Tuomas Paananen, design manager of Buorre.

Great Place to Work winner Vincit chose Naava Smart

Finnish high-growth software company Vincit wants to promote and maintain wellbeing of their employees in every way possible, and the company has been chosen already twice to be the best place to work in Finland in the Great Place to Work competition. Providing its personnel the best indoor air at the workplace supports Vincit’s wellbeing ambitions perfectly.

"We researched different options when we planned our new office. Naava Smarts are forward-looking and represent the Finnish entrepreneurial spirit," says Jarkko Järvenpää, Sales Director of Vincit.

"We listen to people and want to answer their wishes. The physical spaces and working equipment are crucial for this. The investment in wellbeing has also paid of. Our growth and profitability are top class in our line of business," Järvenpää continues.

From this day forward everyone can choose healthier indoor air with the price of EUR 179 per month. The investment pays itself back quickly since healthier indoor air makes us feel better, get sick less often and work more efficiently.

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Image: NaturVention
Source: NaturVention

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