Neste powers Weekend Festival with 100% renewable diesel

Neste powers Weekend Festival with 100% renewable diesel

Jul 5, 2016
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Neste's 100% renewable diesel sets the pace for the basses for Armin van Buuren, Tiësto, Steve Aoki and many of the greatest stars of electronic music during the Weekend Festival in Helsinki on August 5-6. Weekend Festival is the biggest two-day music event in Finland which gathers dozens of artist and over 70,000 guests to Helsinki.

Because of Neste Renewable Diesel, produced from waste and residue raw materials, the Weekend Festival's greenhouse gas emissions may decrease up to 90% compared to using fossil diesel. In addition, air quality is also more pleasant due to its use, since the renewable diesel produces considerably less exhaust emissions into the environment. Over the last few years, Neste Oil has become the world's largest producer of renewable fuels from waste and residues.

"It is fantastic that the Weekend Festival chose us as a partner in order to give the festival audience an experience with less emissions," says Neste's Marketing Director Sirpa Tuomi

"We are a pioneer in festivals and we want to stay as such", says Jyri Heikkinen, in charge of marketing Weekend Festival. "We want to lead by example, and what place would be better to influence the decision makers of the future than a festival where tens of thousands of young people arrive from all over Europe."

"It is great to see that an increasing number of events pay more attention to environmental issues and are ready to invest in sustainable alternatives. In the beginning of the year we were at the Super Bowl, creating the greenest Super Bowl City ever: by using Neste Renewable Diesel we produced electricity for the more than one million fans who visited the fan village, and the fuel carbon footprint of the event was reduced by 50%," says Kaisa Hietala, EVP, Neste Renewable Products.

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Image: Neste

Source: Neste

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