Neste Renewable Diesel to power fleet in Sacramento, California

Neste Renewable Diesel to power fleet in Sacramento, California

Aug 16, 2016
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Neste Renewable Diesel is now being used by the County of Sacramento, California. In moving to Neste Renewable Diesel, the County Sacramento joins California's cleanest and greenest fleets that include the City of San Francisco, City of Oakland, City of Walnut Creek, City of Carlsbad, Google, and UPS.

In switching from petroleum diesel to Neste Renewable Diesel made from waste and residues, the County of Sacramento will reduce greenhouse gas emissions from its fleet by up to 80%. The County estimates that it will reduce greenhouses gases by approximately eight thousand tons annually. In addition, the use of Neste Renewable Diesel will reduce tailpipe emissions and so will contribute to improving the local air quality in Sacramento. Sacramento will use Neste Renewable Diesel in a range of heavy-duty vehicles including more than 400 municipal public works and specialty vehicles.

"Many government agencies and private corporations worldwide are now looking for ways to reduce emissions and carbon footprint. In the United States the State of California is leading the way. Neste Renewable Diesel is a solution to reduce both greenhouse gas emissions and tailpipe emissions. Switching to Neste Renewable Diesel does not require any additional investments on infrastructure or engine modifications. Thus, fleets can switch to renewable diesel overnight," says Kaisa Hietala, Executive Vice President, Renewable Products, Neste Corporation.

"Sacramento County is proud to be recognized among the leading and most sustainable public fleets in the country. Migrating to Neste Renewable Diesel provides us immediate huge gains in carbon emissions reduction that we could not otherwise achieve without significantly increased investments in alternative fueled vehicles and infrastructure," says Keith Leech, Chief, Fleet Division & Parking, Sacramento County.

Image: Neste
Source: Neste

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