Nocart signs US 200 million deal for a solar hybrid power plant in Zambia

Nocart signs US 200 million deal for a solar hybrid power plant in Zambia

Jan 20, 2017
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Nocart continues its great success in the African renewable energy markets by winning a huge new deal in Zambia. Nocart will deliver a 30-40 MW solar hybrid power plant to a sugarcane plantation in Zambia’s Shang’ombo district. The deal is worth US 200 million, and the contract is for the first part of a 100MW solar hybrid power plant.

Nocart’s plant will power a 30,000 hectare sugarcane plantation and a sugar processing factory. The factory’s will crush roughly 6 tons of sugar cane and produce about 800,000 metric tons of sugar per year.

Lassi Noponen, Cleantech Invest Chairman and Nocart Board Member, stresses that Nocart’s success shows that not only are Finnish growth companies able to succeed in new cleantech industries but also that they are very relevant to the Finnish economy in general.

Nocart is indeed a great example of a relatively new Finnish energy company making a name for itself in the African market, which is often viewed as being difficult to break into for Finnish companies. In cooperation with the largest energy cluster in the Nordic countries Technology Center Merinova, Cleantech Finland has been making good progress in connecting Finnish renewable energy and smart grid companies with the right partners in the African markets. There is a huge need for Finnish solution in Africa, and companies have a chance to take Nocart’s lead and benefit from growth opportunities offered there. 

Image: Nocart

Source: Cleantech Invest  

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