Nocart wins EUR 12,9 million distributed energy deal in Africa

Nocart wins EUR 12,9 million distributed energy deal in Africa

Jan 20, 2016
Energy & resource efficiency
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Nocart has won three distributed energy plant contracts in Malawi and Nigeria. The deliveries are worth EUR 12.9 million, a value of over three times bigger than Nocart’s revenue in 2015.

Two plants are deliverd to Malawi and are solar–diesel hybrid off-grid power plants with 1-2 MWh energy storages. The plant in Nigeria is an off-grid hybrid plant using solar and sawdust.

Nocart delivers distributed power plants combining solar, wind, biomass and other energy sources for electricity production. The plant power management units use Nocart’s software controlling the production, storage and distribution of power.

"We have been working in Africa for two years and have identified a project pipeline of 400 million euros worth of high-quality potential projects where we aim to participate during the next five years. These three signed projects are our first megawatt-class deals, and we expect this rapid growth to continue over the coming years," says Nocart CEO Vesa Korhonen.

Image: Nocart

Source: Good News from Finland

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