Norway’s BIR chooses Enevo’s waste management optimisation solution

Norway’s BIR chooses Enevo’s waste management optimisation solution

Apr 15, 2016
Waste management

Beginning with glass and metal recycling, BIR deploys Enevo’s technology across their operating area to enhance efficiencies in waste management.

BIR will initially use the Enevo ONe solution to monitor recycling points for glass and metal but will expand to cover more recycling types and locations. The sensors will be deployed in the urban area of Bergen, the second largest city in Norway and surrounding rural areas.

"Our goal in choosing Enevo is to further increase our collection efficiency and fleet utilization," says Roger Gjerde Urås, Operations Technician at BIR.

"The Enevo system will help us to accurately fill our refuse trucks every day based on the data we get from the system. The data will also allow us to evaluate the cost/benefit of our current fleet size and how to best optimize these to best serve our communities," Urås continues.

Enevo ONe is an award-winning solution that collects and analyses data from refuse containers which is then used to predict and optimize waste and recycling collection. The system uses smart sensors and advanced algorithms to predict when waste bins need emptying, so that bins are only emptied as needed, reducing costs, environmental and eliminating un-necessary vehicle journeys through communities.

"Our initial experience with the system has been positive and we’ve been impressed by the accuracy of the measurements," Urås says.

"The web service provided by Enevo is very user-friendly which allows us to quickly and easily manage the system and access current and past fill-level data," Urås continues.

BIR is one of the largest waste management companies in Norway and collects the waste from approximately 320.000 inhabitants in the municipalities owning BIR.

"BIR is a prime example of how a forward-thinking local municipality organization is embracing technology and new practices in order to provide cost efficiency, improve sustainability and service for the people and businesses in their communities," says Fredrik Kekäläinen, CEO of Enevo.

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