Poland’s large construction market goes smart

Poland’s large construction market goes smart

Nov 25, 2016
Energy & resource efficiency
High-performance buildings

High performance in buildings is a global trend. Substantial growth is expected also in Poland.

Trend for energy efficiency, integrated building automation systems and other smart solutions is very much present in the office building market already. The trend starts emerging also in residential construction.

In Poland investors and consumers are searching for convenience, lower maintenance costs and technology use in everyday life. There is an increasing awareness of the benefits of the smart home solutions.

In addition, energy efficiency and air quality issues are coming more and more important. Małopolska is the second biggest region of Poland and one of the most polluted in Europe. The regional authorities have decided to ban individual solid fuel heating systems in buildings. The region has created financial scheme of several hundred million euros to support the replacements of heating systems and thermal retrofitting of buildings.

Positive perspectives in several construction market segments

Construction market size in Poland is approximately 43 billion euros yearly. Of the total market value residential construction makes approximately 27%, non-residential construction 42% and remaining part is taken by civil engineering. Overall market growth was 2.2% in 2015. Residential and non-residential construction also continued growing in 2016.

Private investors projects in office construction has sound growth prediction for some years to come. Due to the spending from EU funds the public building construction should rise from 2017 onwards.

Office building segment - higher property value by smart buildings

In the office buildings segment the high performance solutions are eagerly adopted.  There are international tenants who appreciate Western standards, which triggers developers to build attractive solutions for property owners. Owners are interested in higher property value, which can be realized in form or higher rents and reduced building maintenance cost. This trend starts to emerge also in residential construction.

Residential building segment -smart home solutions in great interest

The residential construction is currently booming – 150,000 dwellings are finalized annually. New buildings need to have better HVAC systems, more advanced housing technique in use, and higher energy efficiency. About 33% of Polish people have in their homes elements of the smart home systems already. 2/3 of Poles declares that they are interested in such solutions.

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