Seneqo has created and patented an environmental measurement system, which collects, analyzes and optimizes a business's carbon footprint. With Seneqo, companies and public sector organizations can be more environmentally efficient and save money in electricity, fuel, water, and heating, for example. Just by measuring the energy consumption and optimising it in real time using our solution, you can save up to 38% in costs. 

We plant sensors and gateways in the target location, and collect environmental data in our cloud backend. We then analyze the data and compare locations, identify anomalies, and recommend improvement actions. Our method is scalable, and we can use off-the-shelf IoT sensor devices, and integrate with existing gateway devices. Join us in the fight for a cleaner future!



Manufacturing industries, property management, real estate

Main markets

Our main markets are Finland, Nordics, Germany, China, North America

Key figures 

Turnover: EUR 800K (2015), EUR 1.8K (estimated 2016)
Share of exports: 10% (2015)
Employees: 5 (2015), 15 (2016)