Showcase waste management solutions to decision-makers in Poland

Showcase waste management solutions to decision-makers in Poland

Sep 2, 2016
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​Polish Forum of Directors of Waste Management Companies invites Finnish companies to meet corporate decision-makers in September 2016.

The Polish organisation Forum of Directors of Waste Management Companies is inviting Finnish technology companies to participate in a promotional and exhibition session during the Annual Assembly of the Forum held on 21-24.09.2016 in Hotel Stok in Wisła town, located in southern Poland. This initiative emerged during a business delegation visit to Poland on 13-15.6.2016 where Finnish companies attracted a great deal of interest.
The event provides a unique opportunity for direct contact with decision-makers in municipal waste management companies in both formal and informal meetings. The participants at the event are managers and owners of the companies that provide services related to waste management and public space cleaning for Polish cities and municipalities.

There is a possibility to distribute promotional materials and/or organise a promotional stand either inside the hotel or outside in case of bigger equipment. Last year the event had 300 participants.

EU regulations drive new investments

The waste management sector in Poland is expected to attract substantial investments in the near future due to tightening EU regulations. The EU has allocated EUR 1.3 billion for investments into Poland’s waste management infrastructure in 2014 – 2020.

Poland generates as much as 12 million tons of municipal waste annually. There are about 700 - 800 waste management companies that provide services for the collection, transportation and handling of waste for the municipalities. Both private and public companies are active in the market.

For more information and a link to the registration form, please visit the organizer's site. Please note that you will need to arrange the assistance in Polish to complete the formalities as well as native Polish assistant or partner during the event.

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