Skaala invests in new glass technology - window energy efficiency to new level

Skaala invests in new glass technology - window energy efficiency to new level

Jan 29, 2016
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Skaala has started the most significant investing program in the company's history in Kauhava, Finland. The investment budget is EUR 14 million, and the core of the investment is for new glass processing technology.

As a result, Skaala's whole window production process will be renewed while necessary building extensions for glass processing and door manufacturing will also be made. The construction is planned to be completed in August 2016. 

Advanced glass technology takes window and door products to new level

With the new technology, Skaala will develop next-level window and door products which will improve the standard of living for people. Steady heat, draft-freeness, smooth air-conditioning, excellent soundproofing, safety of living and remarkable savings are all important aspects in the daily lives of people.

Particularly in the last ten years Skaala has invested strongly into the development of energy-efficient products. Glass technology utilisation has played a big role in this development. Already now clearly more than half of Skaala’s products exceeds national standards requirements in energy efficiency.

The new system investment will enable centralised production for all needed glass components and products. The system also has high automation rate and is fully streamed and integrated. Significant with the new system is that it enables glass processing of different thickness – from thin glass to thick facade glasses. 

The system also covers glass machining and hardening stages. Hardening technology represents completely new technology, which allows, for example, a thin glass tempering. The system is also producing optically better glass compared to traditional hardening technology. The new hardening process is also very energy-efficient, consuming about 40% less energy than traditional methods.

Image: Skaala

Source: Skaala (in Finnish)

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