Steep growth for NaturVention - opens office in Stockholm

Steep growth for NaturVention - opens office in Stockholm

Dec 2, 2015
Air quality

NaturVention, a manufacturer of active plant walls that purify indoor air, will start exporting clean indoor air to Sweden. The Stockholm office will open its doors in January.

Natur Vention has seen its turnover grow 250% during the past year and raised EUR 1.5 million in funding to expand its operations and develop its technology.

“Stockholm is the first step in our bid to expand to the rest of Scandinavia and Europe. Stockholm was a natural choice for us due to its location and pioneer-minded client base. It is also home to the largest market in the Nordics and ideal as an export destination, as organisations there are inclined to invest in their premises and in their personnel’s wellbeing,” says Natur Vention’s Business Development Director, Martti Siniharju.

“Healthy air is a privilege that only a select few can enjoy, particularly in the world’s megacities. Our mission is to make it a human right. We eat a kilo of food and drink a couple of kilos of liquid every day, but we breathe in 14 kilos of indoor air. In the Western world, people can largely choose the quality of their food and drink, but not of their indoor air – until now. We know that the air we breathe will be the next major health trend,” says the founder, Aki Soudunsaari.

The company’s goal is to operate in all of the world’s megacities by 2020, improving people’s health through indoor air.

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Image: NaturVention

Source: Good News From Finland

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