Team Finland & Beautiful Beijing Business Seminars in Beijing

Air quality

You are invited to join Beautiful Beijing in Business Seminar(s) in Beijing, China on 10-13 May 2016.

The events are targeted for Beautiful Beijing growth program member companies. Joining is easy and free of charge, read and join the program HERE.

Two Business Seminars, you can register to one or both:

10-12 May: Indoor Air Quality Business Seminar
12-13 May: Winter Sports Arena Business Seminar

Finnish cleantech companies offering innovative technologies and solutions for the above sectors have an opportunity for networking and business development.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Business Seminar days consists of IAQ industry in China presentations, field visit to IAQ site, IAQ Seminar, which invitee list includes Chinese IAQ companies, property owners, developers and related companies. Exhibition and match-making event will follow the seminar.

Winter Sports Arena Business Seminar introduces presentations by Chinese and Finnish stakeholders, including General Manager Jari Kurri of Jokerit Hockey Club. Invitee list include Chinese arena construction companies, owners, operators and related companies.

Why IAQ and Winter Sports Arenas in China?

China has the world's biggest heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) market. In 2015 the predicted size of the market will be RMB 110.7 billion (over 13 billion euros), with an annual growth rate of 20 %. Additional market value of separate stand-alone air-purifiers in 2014 was RMB 13.6 billion (about 2 billion euros).

Winter Sports business, especially ice rink related, is expected to grow strongly during the following six years. Over 2000 winter sports facilities are planned to be constructed before the Winter Olympics in 2022. Beijing Municipal Bureau of Spots has announced the need to construct 16 Winter Sports Arenas and one curling hall in Beijing and the surrounding regions.

Chinese government has set a target to get 300 million people active in winter sports before Beijing Winter Olympic Games 2022. China needs project know-how on managing large scale projects. And most of all, China is keen on winter spots expertize, including equipment and multifunctional facilities.

Tentative agenda, read HERE.

The above Business Seminars are part of the satellite events of Moi Helsinki, celebrating 10 years of Beijing-Helsinki sister-city relationships.

To participate in the Business Seminar/s, please register by 6 May.

Register here.

For more information, please contact:

Irma Ylikangas, Senior Program Manager, Beautiful Beijing, Finland
Mobile: + 358 40 7497 132

Kimmo Siira, Program Director, Beautiful Beijing, China
Mobile: +358 40 648 3839
Mobile: +86 138 1061 3503

May 10th - Apr 13th, 2016



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