UPM and St1 team up to bring sustainable diesel to customers in Finland

St1 Diesel Plus – powered by UPM BioVerno

Technical properties of BioVerno make it an excellent component in Diesel Plus.

Replacing fossil fuels - cleaner city traffic

In addition to fulfilling customers’ quality requirements, Diesel Plus with UPM BioVerno provides important environmental benefits such as a significant decrease in fossil CO2 emissions and other hazardous harmful tailpipe emissions when compared with conventional fossil diesel fuels.


St1 is also the distributor of the diesel fuel used in UPM BioVerno field tests in urban buses in Helsinki. The focus is on investigating UPM’s renewable diesel in terms of fuel functionality in bus engines, their emissions and fuel consumption compared to fossil diesel.

There is no one solution in sight that could replace all fossil energy in transportation. However, St1 aims to steadily increase the share of renewable fuels.

"Our goal is to increase the share of renewable fuels in traffic use – the renewable diesel manufactured by UPM fits our overall strategy perfectly," says Matti Pentti, Director, Commercial and Consumer sales at St1.

Clean power from Finnish forests

Finnish wood-based raw materials play a major role in increasing the renewable biofuels production

The Best Biofuel in the World

St1 is making the world’s most sustainable transportation fuel. The bioethanol is made from waste by a new extremely energy efficient process and business concept. It is a sustainable solution in the global fight against climate change.

St1 is committed to reducing the impact imposed on the environment by motor fuels and energy generation, and to developing and commercialising technology to make this possible. The group’s St1 Biofuels subsidiary was founded in 2006 and focuses on producing ethanol from waste.



Waste management companies, oil companies, supermarket chains, recycling companies, energy companies

Key markets: Global

Key figures

Turnover: EUR 17,7 million
Growth: 74% in 2010–13
Employees: +120