Uusioaines Oy

The Stenberg Corporation started glass collection in the early 1980’s. Suomen Uusioaines Ltd continued on from the Stenberg Corporation’s pioneering work in 1995. The glass is crushed, cleaned, sorted according to colour, and delivered for industrial use as cullet. In 2009 the company name was shortened to Uusioaines Oy. In 2010 the new plant opened and Foamit® FGA production started that December. The small particles, or fines, are now milled on site for the production of Foamit®. Today the capacity of the glass treatment plant is sufficient to meet Finland’s foreseeable future needs.


Glass wool producers, container glass producers, construction companies, civil engineering companies, glass treatment companies, glass collecting companies, breweries

Main markets

Finland, Scandinavia and Western Europe.

Key figures

Turnover: EUR 18 M
Share of exports: CA. 50%; 
Growth: +10% per year
Employees: 50