VEM Motors Finland

Functioning Partnership

A key factor in achieving energy-saving solutions is to choose the right machinery. VEM motors Finland Oy, a subsidiary of the German motor manufacturer VEM motors GmbH, specializes in AC drives with a product and service package enabling reduction and efficient control of energy costs.

The energy-saving potential of different options varies according to the special features of the application. With energy-saving motors the saving can be roughly estimated at 1-8% whereas the effect of correct dimensioning can be 20-30%. Frequency converters can save 10-50% in energy. Huge amounts of energy can be either wasted or saved.



Metso, Sandvik, Rolls Royce, Helen, Fortum, REPower Systems (VEM Group), Metsä, SSAB, Raumaster, BMH Technology
Key markets

Baltic countries, Sweden, St. Petersburg area (VEM Motors Finland); VEM Group: Global
Key figures
Turnover: EUR 12  / 263 million (VEM Motors Finland / VEM Group)
Employees: 23 / 1993 (VEM Motors Finland / VEM Group)