Wärtsilä’s new engine gets into Guiness World Records

Wärtsilä’s new engine gets into Guiness World Records

Nov 26, 2015
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Wärtsilä has launched a new medium speed engine that features the most advanced technology on the market. The Wärtsilä 31 engine sets totally new standards in fuel efficiency (as low as 165g/kWh), fuel flexibility, and operational optimization while significantly reducing maintenance requirements.

As a token of its unprecedented efficiency, the Wärtsilä 31 engine achieved a Guinness World Records title for the most efficient 4-stroke diesel engine.

The Wärtsilä 31 engine is designed to serve a variety of vessel types requiring main engine propulsion in the 4.2 to 9.8 MW power range. In the offshore sector, the Wärtsilä 31 is ideally suited for AHTS´s, OSV´s, drilling and semi-submersible vessels, where the requirements are for operational flexibility, high power density, long intervals between overhauls, and high levels of safety. 

Similarly, in the cruise and ferry sector the Wärtsilä 31 enables owners and operators to trim fuel expenses while maintaining high standards in environmental performance. Within the merchant fleet, the Wärtsilä 31 is designed for applications as a main engine for small to medium tankers, bulk carriers and container vessels.  

The remarkable increases in fuel efficiency and fuel flexibility are matched by significant reductions in maintenance costs. For example, the first service on the Wärtsilä 31 is required after only 8000 running hours, whereas alternative standard marine engines require maintenance after 2000 running hours.

"The marine industry is focusing more than ever on efficiency and flexibility. The validation of the Wärtsilä 31 by Guinness World Records as being the most efficient 4-stroke diesel engine in the world speaks for itself," says Roger Holm, Senior Vice President, Ship Power Engines, Wärtsilä.

"With this breakthrough development, which is based on the introduction of the very latest technology, we can now open the doors to a new level of optimization that is valid throughout the entire life of the vessel."

Image: Wärtsilä
Source: Wärtsilä

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