Waste management opportunities in Hong Kong

Waste management opportunities in Hong Kong

Sep 28, 2016
Waste management

Hong Kong to invest up to EUR 3.6 billion in improving waste management

The everyday life of an average Hong Kong resident creates over a kilogram of waste, far surpassing the same number of the other cities in the region. In Hong Kong, 13 500 tons of waste is dumped daily in the local landfills, setting the landfills to run out of capacity in the near future.

Therefore, the Hong Kong Government plans to spend an estimated EUR 3.6 billion (HKD 31 billion) by 2022 to improve waste management, the waste processing facilities and other utilities in the autonomous city.

Three-fold plans

In the government's plans, a new waste incinerator will cover over 50% of the overall budget. In addition, there is a clear demand for new technologies on waste recycling and reutilization, as Hong Kong aims at building five to six organic waste processing facilities.

Finally, the Legislative Council of Hong Kong (Legco) recently approved a package of roughly 100 million (HKD 860 million) euros for encouraging the local companies to improve recycling capabilities. Interestingly, the fund can be used for finding suitable technologies abroad.

In Hong Kong waste management, the relevant sectors are at least three-fold. Firstly, there is plenty of potential in waste recycling and reutilization technologies. As of now, Hong Kong recovers only 50% of municipal solid waste (MSW) for recycling. Almost all of the recyclable waste is exported to mainland China. Secondly, waste to energy and organic waste handling are required. Thirdly, Hong Kong is interested in waste separation technologies.

In Hong Kong, many of the tenders come in the form of design, build and operate (DBO). Commonly, the tenders are considerably large. Thus, foreign companies need local partners for the DBO-arrangements. According to Hong Kong waste management association, in tenders like this the consortiums, usually consist of a foreign technology provider, a main contractor, an operator and a local engineering company.

Tenders for the coming projects can be found here and here.

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