Water opportunities for Finnish companies unfold in Cuba

Water opportunities for Finnish companies unfold in Cuba

Dec 27, 2016
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Cuba seeks foreign companies and investors for the country's developing water sector

After restoring the relations with the United States in 2014, Cuba has taken giant leaps to develop the country. For now, there is a recognized need to improve and invest in the Cuban infrastructure. In October 2016, the Cuban government published a list of priority investment projects with a total value of US 9.5 billion.

In dire need of foreign direct investment (FDI), the Cuban government has also created a program to attract foreign investors in the country. Consequently, the government renewed the local Investing Law (Law 118) in 2014.

In Cuba, one of the key development areas is the water infrastructure and water resources management.

All Cuban hydro matters are owned and operated by one institution – the National Institute for Water Resources (INRH). The INRH consists of business groups and two companies, managing and controlling the likes of hydrological cycle, water resources, drinking water supply, water quality control as well as sewage and waste water treatment.

Next steps

CUBAGUA (21.3.–24.3.2017) is a specialized event for foreign companies in the water industry. The event helps foreign companies to examine the Cuban water sector and the INRH to get a grip on the latest technologies in the global water industry.

During Cubaqua, there will be various congresses and seminars on hydraulic engineering, integrated water use and integrated watershed management. The exhibition of technologies gives the companies an opportunity to promote their technologies for water management.

With a common goal to raise the recognition of Finnish water-related solutions, Cleantech Finland is planning to take part in the exhibition with Finnish companies.

In November 2016, Cleantech Finland cooperated with Casa Finlandesa to support Finnish companies entry into the Cuban market at FIHAV2016, the largest and most important trade fair in the Latin America.

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